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Don’t Be Scared by Eye Care: Halloween Safety Month

It’s already Fall, and that means that spooky season is here! With Halloween coming up quickly, you must start getting ready for all the fun activities with family and friends. Even though you’ll be spending all month enjoying candy, costumes, and scary movies, you should also take this time to consider your eye health.

Nationwide Vision in Arizona wants you to keep your eyes healthy this Halloween Safety Month. These are some of the ways you can stay safe this year.

Watch Your Kids

One of the most essential jobs during Halloween is to watch your kids to ensure they are safe. If you plan to trick-or-treat with your children, you want to ensure they don’t get lost or run into the street. It’s essential because it will likely be dark outside! If your child’s costume includes a mask, make sure they can see out of it.

Apply Makeup Carefully

Face paints and makeup are popular choices for Halloween costumes. Still, making everything you’re using safe for your eyes is crucial. You’ll want to avoid putting makeup too close to your eyes because they’re susceptible. There’s a lot of cheap makeup, but we suggest going for the good stuff. If possible, you should purchase hypoallergenic face paint and makeup. Stay away from anything that might cause itchiness or allergies. If you or your children are thinking about whether to use face makeup or wear a mask, makeup is the safer choice. It is less likely to mess with your ability to see correctly.

Wear Safe Costumes

Picking out the ideal Halloween costume is such a thrill, but keeping your eyes safe in the process is crucial. You and your family should avoid costumes with pointy elements or parts sticking out far. These parts of a costume might not only harm your eyes but also the eyes of others around you or your children. It’s essential to see when wearing a mask, especially when moving around or crossing roads. For kids, this is even more crucial. And if your costume requires colored contact lenses, make sure they’re approved by the FDA and properly fitted by an eye doctor. This helps avoid any irritation or harm to your eyes. Watch out for wigs and hats too. If they’re not the right fit, they could slip down and cover your or your kids’ eyes, making it hard to see.

Watch Out for Costume Props

Countless fun costumes come with props like swords, axes, brooms, and wands. While these props are fun, it’s usually safer to skip them if you can. But if your kids want to bring them along, chat about safety first. It’s essential to handle those items responsibly. The most critical safety tip about costume props is that kids should not swing them around. They aren’t toys or weapons and should never be used to hit anybody. Most of those props are sharp and pointy; if they hit someone’s eye, they could cause severe damage.

Light Up the Night

Lights aren’t just meant for jack-o-lanterns and scary decorations; they are also an intelligent way to keep everyone safe. Grab flashlights, glow sticks, or some reflective tape on costumes and clothes. This will make you and your crew easier to spot if you’re out trick-or-treating. Good lighting makes trick-or-treating more fun and safe and can also prevent falling or tripping when you’re outside. You also can’t forget to light up your house and paths so families and trick-or-treaters can see where they’re going when they stop by. If you don’t plan on handing out candy, shutting your lights off is okay.

Use Safe House Decorations

Getting your house all decorated for Halloween is a blast, especially for the trick-or-treaters. But you should also be thinking about potential eye hazards. Make sure your decorations aren’t in the way or on any pathways. You don’t want people to trip! If you’re using sharp or pointy decorations, it’s a good idea to keep them out of kids’ reach. It’s best to avoid this type of decoration altogether. Avoid using too much glass in your decorations, or better yet, avoid it altogether. Broken glass at night can be risky. With all that said, our most important tip is to ensure your porch is well-lit if you intend to hand out candy.

Stay Hydrated

Even though it might not seem like it, keeping hydrated is very important for your health during Halloween, including your eyes. Even with all the fun activities, like trick-or-treating and parties, you might feel tired and worn out. On top of that, if you’re not drinking enough water, your eyes might get dry and uncomfortable, especially with costumes and makeup on. Keep an eye on the little ones, as they tire out much more quickly than adults. So, make sure you and your family drink plenty of water throughout the fun to keep your eyes and whole body feeling good and healthy.

Contact Nationwide Vision in Arizona Today

Halloween is about having a good time with family and friends, but safety should always come first. By keeping these Halloween safety tips in mind, you can have fun and keep your eyes safe at the same time. Our trustworthy team at Nationwide Vision is here to help you with all the eye care you need. We have locations all across Arizona. No matter where you are in the state, quality eye care and comprehensive eye exams are never far away! Call or click today to learn more about Halloween Safety Month. Reach out to schedule an appointment at Nationwide Vision!

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