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How to Fix Your Broken Glasses at Home

If your glasses break, you may wonder if you can fix them yourself or if you need an eye care provider's help. While it may be possible to do simple repairs by yourself, knowing how to fix broken glasses properly may require an expert to prevent any additional damage.   

If you've purchased your glasses from Nationwide Vision, try taking your glasses back to our office for basic repairs. Most simple fixes can be done on-site by a professional quickly and sometimes at no cost. This will grant you peace of mind knowing that they've been fixed by a professional, rather than yourself. This is just one of the many benefits of choosing to buy glasses from a local provider rather than an online retailer.   

Here are some of the common ways that your glasses may break, plus ways that you or your local practice can fix them. 

Fix Loose or Missing Screws

Have you recently noticed that the arm of your glasses has become detached or wobbly? This may be caused by a missing or loose screw. If you wear glasses with nose pads, missing or loose screws can put you at risk of losing the nose pads. 


To fix this on your own you'll need a special screwdriver that's designed to be used on glasses. The screwdriver, along with replacement screws, is often sold in eyeglass repair kits. These kits make it easy to fix your glasses at home.    

When trying to replace or tighten a screw in your glasses, be sure to turn the screwdriver gently to avoid stripping it. You should also be careful not to let your hand slip while the screwdriver head is close to the lens, as it can easily scratch your lenses.  


For those without an eyeglass repair kit, there are other ways to temporarily fix your glasses until you’re able to visit your local Nationwide Vision. Try threading a piece of sturdy dental floss or thin wire through the screw holes, then tie a knot to secure it in place. You can also wedge a wooden toothpick into the screw holes and break off the tip of the toothpick for a quick fix. 

Cracked or Scratched Lenses

Unfortunately, there's no simple fix for cracked lenses. The best way to fix scratched or cracked lenses is to bring them to your local Nationwide Vision for assistance. 

Each pair of glasses requires a different technique for removing scuffs or scratches. It's possible that you may further damage your lenses by trying to fix them yourself, especially if you have a special finish on the lenses. Avoid purchasing scratch-removal solutions or trying at-home remedies for removing scratches from your glasses, as these can cause more damage to your lenses.   

For the best results, bring your glasses to your local Nationwide Vision. 

At Home Fixes for A Bent Glasses Arm

Bent glasses can be frustrating and even impact your vision. If one of the arms of your glasses has become bent or misshapen, you may be able to straighten it at home.    

It’s typically easier to reshape glasses with metal frames, as they are easier to adjust than plastic because metal is more malleable. To fix your metal frames, slowly bend the metal back into place with your hands. You can also use needle-nose pliers for gentle leverage, but make sure you are using pliers with plastic tips. If you have no plastic-tipped pliers, try placing a soft cloth between the plier’s metal tips and your frame.  


Plastic glasses frames require a little more work to bend into shape, as plastic is not as flexible as metal. You'll need to gently heat the plastic to make bending your frames easier. If you’re wanting to fix your frames yourself, try running them under hot water or using a hair dryer to heat the plastic. Once the frame has warmed up, it should bend more easily. 


Although it’s possible to fix your bent frames on your own, we recommend you seek help from a professional instead. It’s safer to have a professional do it, especially if your frames are plastic. Your eye doctor should be able to fix a bent arm and may even do so at no cost to you. 

Broken Metal or Plastic Frames 

Broken frames are a little more complicated to fix, as tape and other DIY methods can only last so long. Metal frames that have broken anywhere but at the hinge need to be welded. Those with plastic frames may attempt to fix their frames with super glue, a method we strongly recommend not doing. If you get the super glue on the lenses, it won't come off easily and may even negate your eyeglass warranty.  


If you're not sure how to fix your broken glasses, it's ok to ask for a little help. For the best results, bring them to your local provider.   

Visit Your Local Nationwide Vision Today

Get your glasses fixed today by visiting a Nationwide Vision near you. Our team of skilled eye care professionals will work with you to determine the best way to repair your glasses or fit you for a new pair. Find a location near you to talk with your local Nationwide Vision about eyeglass repair

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