Building Blocks of Healthy Eyes: Pediatric Eye Care Matters

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It’s Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month. Nationwide Vision wants to talk to you about kids and pediatric eye care. Having children means always putting the little ones first. You want the best for your kids, including seeing them thrive and live a happy and healthy life.

We emphasize taking our kids to the doctor and the dentist, but sometimes we forget about eye doctors! Did you know that 1 in 4 kids have eye or vision problems? If you don’t take your child to the eye doctor, you might not know they’re suffering.

Keep reading to learn why pediatric eye care is essential and how the Nationwide Vision team in Arizona can help!

Why Does Kids Eye Care Matter?

You might be surprised by all the reasons you should care about pediatric eye care.

Help Prevent Eye Problems for Kids

When it comes to vision problems, it’s not always easy to put them into words. Now picture a kid trying to explain what’s wrong with their eyes. That’s why having a professional check your kid’s eyes for problems is essential! Eye doctors want to find any issues now so they can prevent any other issues down the line. We can detect eye problems like lazy eye (amblyopia), crossed eyes (strabismus), and more. If we catch these issues, we can find a way to correct them. We’re not just solving today’s problems but also tomorrow’s problems so your kids can have healthy eyes their whole life.

Good Eye Teaming Matters

Did you know that it’s essential that your kid has good eye teaming? Eye teaming is all about how their eyes work together; both eyes should focus simultaneously and in the same direction. If they don’t have good eye teaming or binocular vision, they could form a lazy eye and have trouble seeing clearly. Poor binocular vision can mess with a child’s reading and writing. So it’s essential to get it checked out early. Believe it or not, about 5% to 10% of kids and adults have issues with eye teaming.

Children Struggle with Nearsightedness

A lot of kids struggle with seeing things at a distance, and on top of that, this issue is still increasing everywhere across the world. Catching nearsightedness (also known as myopia) early in kids can make a big difference now and in the future. Here’s the deal: myopia can obscure your child’s long-distance vision, and they might have trouble seeing things like the TV or the board at school. To make matters worse, myopia can even give them headaches.

If you think your little one might be dealing with nearsightedness, taking them to an eye doctor is the way to go. Look out for signs like squinting a lot or rubbing their eyes because that might mean they’re trying to fix their vision on their own. Nationwide Vision’s great team will work with your kid to get them the perfect glasses to help with blurry vision.

It Can Affect Their Grades

Clear vision is crucial for your kid’s grades and school performance. If they can’t see well, it can hold them back. Think about it, the whole school day is filled with reading and writing, and they need to be able to see clearly to do well. From reading directions to watching class presentations, it depends on good vision! But here’s the good news. If you take them to an eye doctor at Nationwide Vision, they can get their vision tested. They’ll determine if they need glasses or some other correction. Trust us; it can make a world of difference. Your kid can perform to reach their full academic potential with a clear vision!

Make a Routine Out of Visiting the Eye Doctor

At first, getting your kids to go to the eye doctor might be a challenge, but after they’ve gone, they’ll start to feel more comfortable. After you and your family make a habit of going to see the eye doctor regularly, they’ll continue to go for life! It’s all about understanding how important it is to care for their eyes and overall eye health. Once they grasp that, they’ll be motivated to go to routine eye exams without a second thought.

How Our Team Can Help

Whether your kids are worried about seeing the eye doctor, you need the best pediatric eye care. Nationwide Vision cares about your child’s well-being more than anything else! We offer comprehensive eye exams so your kids get all the care they need. Our friendly and expert team has what it takes to help your kids with any eye concerns, whether nearsightedness or an eye teaming issue.

Contact Our Arizona Team Today

Visit Nationwide Vision to ensure your kids get the best pediatric eye care. We’ll make it an informative and pleasant experience for the entire family. We aim to work with your kids so they understand the process too! We have locations all across the state of Arizona. No matter where your family lives, you’ll be able to find great pediatric eye care! Call or click today if you want more info about Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month or pediatric eye care. Schedule an appointment at Nationwide Vision now!

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