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Comprehensive Eye Care

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Comprehensive Eye Care From Nationwide Vision

The path to great vision for you and your family starts with an annual comprehensive eye exam.  The knowledgeable and friendly doctors with Nationwide Optometry are committed to administering comprehensive eye exams to each of our patients to ensure they leave our offices with healthy eyes and clear vision. Receiving an annual eye exam ensures the health of your eyes and the clarity of your vision no matter what age you are. Many eye conditions have no symptoms before they become serious, but yearly preventative eye care from our optometrists can detect and treat these conditions early.

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The doctors with Nationwide Optometry offer comprehensive eye exams at all of our locations in Arizona. Click to find a location near you.

Who Benefits From Comprehensive Eye Care?

Comprehensive eye care benefits everybody, no matter your age, if you are or are not experiencing eye issues, or whether or not you wear glasses or contact lenses. Annual eye exams are important to make sure your eyes remain healthy. Because some eye conditions like macular degeneration and eye cataracts happen as you age, it’s important to keep your eyes healthy from an early age to help prevent vision loss.

Some eye conditions can also go unnoticed early on, so eye exams can help detect something you may not be aware of.

What Are Contact Lens Fittings?

Contact lens fitting is a component of comprehensive eye care where your eye doctor will determine which prescription lens is right for you. With a wide selection of contact lenses to choose from, Nationwide Vision will make sure you walk away with a pair of contact lenses that not only fit your visual needs and your active lifestyle but also make you feel comfortable. Some contact lenses include: spherical, toric, and multifocal.

The Experienced Eye Doctors with Nationwide Optometry

Our team of experienced optometrists, supported by a highly-trained staff, have the expertise and training to carry out comprehensive eye care for you and your family. The doctors with Nationwide Optometry understand that your vision is unique to you, which is why they provide a wide array of eye care services. Whether it’s pediatric eye exams, age-related eye conditions, or you simply want to know more about your eye health they are here to help you achieve the best vision possible.


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The eye doctors with Nationwide Optometry are focused on helping you see beautifully for a lifetime! During a comprehensive eye exam, we take a look at all aspects of the eye and the overall health. Our eye exams can detect conditions such as dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, and will also help in diagnosing and treating those conditions. Request an eye exam today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Comprehensive Eye Care

What is Comprehensive Eye Care?

Comprehensive eye care evaluates the overall health of your eyes and helps detect and prevent any eye conditions.

When Should I See an Eye Doctor?

Those experiencing vision problems—such as blurriness, cloudiness, or vision loss—should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor right away. You may have a vision threatening eye condition.

If you’re not currently experiencing any difficulties with your vision, it’s still important to schedule annual routine eye appointments.

What Eye Conditions Do You Detect?

At Nationwide Vision we understand your vision is important, which is why we offer personalized treatments for a wide variety of eye conditions. You can rest assured knowing our knowledgeable and friendly doctors with Nationwide Optometry will be with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the best care possible. Our doctors are trained to detect and treat a wide variety of eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, hypertension, and pterygium.

Picking out Glasses

What is the Purpose of Transition Sunglasses?

Transition lenses are a great option for those who want to protect their eyes from the sun without having to switch between their sunglasses and glasses. Want to know if they're your style? See how your new pair of eyeglasses looks on you from the comfort of your home using Virtual Try-On!

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