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Our Optometrists


Nationwide Vision prides itself on its ability to provide quality eye care and eye health services tailored to meet your needs. Our 82 eye care locations across the state of Arizona are staffed by 79 Arizona eye doctors offering a variety of services including eye exams, preventative care, and treatment for various eye diseases.

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Doctors of Nationwide Optometry

Lisa Ahuactzin O.D.
Lisa Ahuactzin, OD
Brian Baldwin O.D.
Brian Baldwin, OD
Gary Baron O.D.
Gary Baron, OD
Dr. Houman Behshad
Houman Behshad, OD
Hasti Beshad O.D.
Hasti Beshad, OD
Mira Bisembina O.D.
Mira Bisembina, OD
Bryan Blare O.D.
Bryan Blare, OD
Kett Blatter O.D.
Kett Blatter, OD
Scott Bothwell O.D.
Scott Bothwell, OD
Nationwide Vision Doctor
Thomas Bottoms, OD
Brandon Burr O.D.
Brandon Burr, OD
Bradley Bywater O.D.
Bradley Bywater, OD
Clark Campbell O.D.
Clark Campbell, OD
Antonio Campbell O.D.
Antonio Campbell, OD
Lisa Chiles O.D.
Lisa Chiles, OD
Michael Clark O.D.
Michael Clark, OD
Benjamin Clingan O.D.
Benjamin Clingan, OD
Dr. Deborah Cope, OD
Deborah Cope, OD
Dr. Ronald Cope
Ronald Cope, OD
Daniel Crook O.D.
Daniel Crook, OD
Dr. Jarrod Cross
Jarrod Cross, OD
Verne Dagenais O.D.
Verne Dagenais, OD
Glenn Darlington O.D.
Glenn Darlington, OD
Dr. Tammer Elhabiby
Tammer Elhabiby, OD
James Francois O.D.
James Francois, OD
Natalie Gakopoulos O.D.
Natalie Gakopoulos, OD
Selvin Gnanakkan O.D.
Selvin Gnanakkan, OD, MBA
Annie Hao O.D.
Annie Hao, OD
William Huber O.D.
William Huber, OD
David Huber O.D.
David Huber, OD
Katelyn Hurliman O.D.
Katelyn Hurliman, OD
Dr. Anh-Thy Huynh
Anh-Thy Huynh, OD
Andre Juarez O.D.
Andre Juarez, OD
Matthew Keller O.D.
Matthew Keller, OD
Richard Koop O.D.
Richard Koop, OD
Peggy Koop O.D.
Peggy Koop, OD
Dr. Jacqueline Kowal
Jacqueline Kowal, OD
Katie Kroona O.D.
Katie Kroona, OD
Lee A. Kulas O.D.
Lee A. Kulas, OD
Damilola Lajubutu O.D.
Damilola Lajubutu, OD
Dr. Scott Lake
Scott Lake, OD
Aaron Lambson O.D.
Aaron Lambson, OD
Dr. Mai Lee
Mai Lee, OD
Sasha Lue Sang O.D.
Sasha Lue Sang, OD
Dr. Tracy Lukasiewicz
Tracy Lukasiewicz, OD
Dr. Sarah Marietta
Sarah Marietta, OD
Chad McKinney O.D.
Chad McKinney, OD
Thomas Melfi O.D.
Thomas Melfi, OD
Scott Miller O.D.
Scott Miller, OD
Dr. Megan Houle
Sesily Monday, O.D.
John Mortensen O.D.
John Mortensen, OD
Dr. Rhonda Nell
Rhonda Nell, OD
Ryan Nguyen O.D.
Ryan Nguyen, OD
Dr. Angelica Nguyen
Angelica Nguyen, OD
Teresa Nguyen-Vu O.D.
Teresa Nguyen-Vu, OD
Dr. Elaine Oetomo
Elaine Oetomo, OD
Dr. Anand Patel
Anand Patel, OD
Nationwide Vision
Mark Peller, OD
Nationwide Vision
Will Price, OD
Elaine Ramos O.D.
Elaine Ramos, OD
Andrew Reed O.D.
Andrew Reed, OD
Eric Ruta O.D.
Eric Ruta, OD
Ryan Sandberg O.D.
Ryan Sandberg, OD
Jennifer Sarmiento O.D.
Jennifer Sarmiento, OD
Theresa Setlock O.D.
Theresa Setlock, OD
David Spande O.D.
David Spande, OD
Joseph Taddonio O.D.
Joseph Taddonio, OD
Joseph Timbre O.D.
Joseph Timbre, OD
Aaron Truong O.D.
Aaron Truong, OD
Vincent Van Houten O.D.
Vincent Van Houten, OD
Daniel Vargovick, O.D.
Daniel Vargovick, OD
Dustin Vermeulen O.D.
Dustin Vermeulen, OD
Paul Viglotti O.D.
Paul Viglotti, OD
Keith Votens O.D.
Keith Votens, OD
Acasia Wegenke O.D.
Acasia Wegenke, OD
Ryan Wiggins O.D.
Ryan Wiggins, OD
April Williams-Rutt O.D.
April Williams-Rutt, OD
Brian Woolford O.D.
Brian Woolford, OD