How Much Do Eye Exams Cost?

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Getting regular eye exams is an important step in keeping your eyes healthy. At Nationwide Vision, we care about you and your vision health needs.

Often times, most insurance plans will cover the cost of a routine eye exam, and even a comprehensive eye exam. If a copay is required, an eye exam usually costs anywhere from $10-$50. Without insurance, an eye exam typically costs anywhere from $50-$250.

Don’t let the cost of an eye exam discourage you from keeping up with your eye health! Here at Nationwide Vision, we’re willing to work with your financial situation. Read more for some of your financial plan options.

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What Happens During A Routine Eye Exam?

Routine eye exams are generally quick vision screening procedures. Tests your doctor may conduct during a routine eye exam are:

  • Pre-Exam tests

  • Pupillary Reactions

  • Slit Lamp Tests

  • Visual Acuity and Refraction

  • Pupil Dilation

These exams generally check your vision for any changes, and let your doctor know if you need updates in your prescriptions. Learn more about Routine Eye Exams here.

What Happens During a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

A comprehensive eye exam utilizes the same tests as a routine eye exam. The difference between the two is that your doctor may perform additional tests to check for more complex disorders or diseases. Other tests may include:

  • Color Blindness Test

  • Ocular Motility Test (eye movement)

  • Stereopsis Test (Depth Perception)

  • Eye pressure Test

  • Pupil Dilation

You can learn more about comprehensive eye exams here.

Ways We Can Make Eyecare Affordable

Because of the different types of eye exams available, the cost of an eye exam with or without insurance may vary. Don’t let cost get in the way of getting the eye care you need. View some of the options below to figure out which one is right for your situation.


Insurance can significantly decrease the cost of your eye exam appointment, depending on your provider. If you have insurance, call Nationwide Vision to discuss eligibility. You can also call your insurance provider to discuss benefits available to you.


Another way you can pay for your eye exam is either by using a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA).

An FSA is an account you can save money in for certain out-of-pocket healthcare costs. An FSA is set up through your employer and you have to submit a medical claim to show which expenses your insurance will not cover. Your employer can also make contributions to your FSA. Discuss with your employer if they offer these types of benefits. Learn more about FSA’s here.

An HSA is similar to an FSA, except that you own it directly. Health Savings Accounts are available to anyone covered by an IRS-qualified high deductible health plan. You contribute funds to the HSA and funds are withdrawable for eligible expenses at any time. Learn more about HSA’s here.

Payment Plans

If you are ineligible for benefits, or if you are unsure if your benefits apply, don’t hesitate to contact Nationwide Vision for more information. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs so you can get the vision care you deserve.

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